The new “Back To Basic” full length album is out now !

CUBIC's latest offering stays true to its roots, relying solely on hardware synths, drum computers, and effects featuring relentless basslines, vocoder voices, and 4/4 kicks – the unmistakable sound of C-UBIC.

The opening track, "Computer Alphabet," not only sets the tone but also serves as a nod to the first CUBIC full album, "The CUBIC Alphabet." Vocals are delivered by the iconic Speak and Spell computer from Mattel, adding a touch of retro charm. Classic electro tracks pay homage to the genre's resurgence in the 90s channelling influences from Anthony Rother, Dopplereffect, and Cybotron., while modern twists in 'ART INN' and 'Pleasure Machine' blend electro, techno, and EBM.

"Back To Basic" also boasts the unique use of the first Belgian Drumcomputer (Modor DR2) and its synthesizer counterpart (Modor NF1), complemented by an arsenal of hardware gear allowing CUBIC to create a unique sonic palette that transcends boundaries, setting the tone for an electrifying future.



Before the release of the new “Back To Basic” full length album, CUBIC comes out with a second 4-track EP. Titled after the legendary Commodore C128, this EP is the obvious logical successor to the previous “c64” EP.

The new EP features exclusive club oriented and extended versions of “Art In” and “Human Computer”. While “MF2HD” is an exclusive non-album track, CUBIC takes us by surprise by releasing a powerful EBM/industrial dance mix of “B C L” by label-mates DIFFUZION reminding us of the diversity of CUBIC’s electronic sound.



After 2 years of exciting sonic adventures, Belgian electronic artist Franky Deblomme announces the forthcoming release of CUBIC’s new studio album that will offer an exploding cocktail of 808 drums, KRAFTWERK percussions, 80’s floppy discs and other vintage personal computer souvenirs…

In order to best prepare your ears for this new pure electronic bliss, CUBIC now releases this 4-track EP “c64” evoking nothing but the good old Commodore 64 computer – nostalgia!



A new full album is ready for final mix and mastering

The video ' TITT ' is released as a teaser for the upcomming sounds

Electro is the way


NEW 5 track EP ' EXIT:MANCHESTER ' out now

The third and final in a serie of 3 EP's dedicated to one city



NEW 4 track EP ' EXIT:GHENT ' out now

The second in a serie of 3 EP's dedicated to one city



NEW 4 track EP ' EXIT:FRANKFURT ' out now

The first in a serie of 3 EP's dedicated to one city



NEW 5 track EP ' Phonic lessons part 3 ' out now



Sideline interview



NOW available : the full album ' The CUBIC Alphabet '

13 track , CD & digital



Pre orde the full album ' The CUBIC Alphabet '

13 track , CD & digital

Already available in pre order



Release of the ' Alphabet Hymn EP ' on Alfa Matrix

5 track download , introducing the 'Alphabet' concept.



The track A ( alfa mix 5'20") is featured the Matrix Download 010 compilation


The full album ' The CUBIC temperatures ' can be pre ordered on the Alfa Matrix webshop .

This is an album by 808DOTPOP but fully reworked by CUBIC.   Release date : 26/3/21


The track "A _ alfa" is released on the compilation "Sounds From The Matrix 022" on the Alfa Matrix label  .


Release of the video for the track  "A _ alfa"

Featured on the compilation ' Face the Beat 6 ' from sideline .


Release of the 7 inch vinyl "Kelvin 4200 " by 808DOTPOP.

Both songs on this vinyl were reworked by CUBIC .

Available at the 808DOTPOP store .


First digital release on Lipstick On Records ( Belgium ) 

3 track ,minimal techno EP ' Boltzmann '

09/2019 - 12/2019

Start of a musical collaboration .

Reworking a full album.

More info late 2020 .


Start of a new project ' CUBIC ' , after 5 years of musical silence 

Musical inspiration : the electronic sounds and music developed between 90 - 95 ( mainly UK & Germany ) .

Think : Orbital / Leftfield / LFO / system7 / 808 State / Warp records / R&S Records / Manchester / Aphex Twin / Underworld / CJ Bolland / B12 / Extrawelt / D3R


Using a CASIO-SK5 and a tape recorder and making beats and samples for the first time ... many more synths / samplers / drummachines followed in the years to come.