A musical journey that starts in 1981 : watching Nick Rhodes play a prophet 5 synth in the video from Duran Duran’s ‘ Planet Earth ‘ . The love and fascination for synthesizer was triggered .

In 1987 , with a Casio SK5 sampling keyboard borrowed from a good friend , the first attempts to make proper beats and loops came to life .  

Many synthesizers , drum machines and samplers followed. 

Hardware machines still form the basis for the sonic output to this day, enhanced by the latest technology.

CUBIC : A musical journey that takes you across many different countries and genres and goes much wider than the sounds of past projects ( EBM ).

The 90's techno from Sheffield , the sounds from Manchester , the bleeps from Dusseldorf , new wave , Berlin techno , Belgian club sounds , or electro .

Each has had its influence on the sounds of CUBIC.

After 30 years it was time to merge all this knowledge and influence into one project .